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Episode 47: ‘Start Measuring your Marketing Carbon Impact Now’ with Jo Young, Managing Director at Unifida

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  “If you double your marketing budget, you don’t necessarily get double the sales because of diminishing returns, but when it comes to carbon emissions, doubling your budget, may not just double but quadruple your CO2 emissions. As marketers we need to understand the impact of our plans and activities and consider a new set of priorities and KPIs.”  

And we couldn’t agree more…

As you’ll hear in this podcast interview with Jo Young, Managing Director at Unifida, Gemma and I were keen to find out more about how their data and carbon counter is helping marketers to green their marketing by understanding the carbon impact of their planned activities.

Whenever we talk about and teach Sustainable Marketing, Gemma and I always revisit the key fact that as marketers, our objectives are aligned with organisational objectives - and so when organisations are setting decarbonisation targets, it’s critical that marketers understand the responsible role they play in supporting those targets. Marketers are often managing some of the largest budgets within an organisation, and so in that endeavour, not only do we need to be considering traditional ROI, but also considering how we drive positive commercial impact to the business, whilst ensuring we’re working within the boundaries of those wider organisational targets to ensure we don’t blow the decarbonisation budget.

In order to do that efficiently, we have to understand where we are and understand the carbon impact of the activities we have done and are planning - this then enables us to make informed choices, consider priorities and drives creativity and innovation in where, when, what and how we market and communicate. And this is exactly where Unifida’s Carbon Counter steps in.

Jo shares with us the practicalities of their carbon counter, the research and scrutiny that’s gone into validating the resource, how it works, what it measures (above and below the line) - and shares insights with us about how marketers are starting to measure the carbon impact of marketing activities to better understand the levers they need to pull to do a better job in supporting wider organisational targets.

Jo talks about the third dimension… ‘marketers need to consider cost of sale, sales and now carbon emissions’.

If getting your head around how to green your marketing activity (and as you’ll hear from Jo, it’s an increasingly sought after endeavour), then tune in, take a listen to what’s possible via the tool, and explore some of the data findings Jo and her team share on their site.

For more information visit - and to connect with Jo - her LinkedIn profile is here:


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