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S3:E01 Protective Eyewear Selection

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In this episode of the Science of Safety Podcast, co-hosts Mark Reggers and Laurie Wells, along with special guest Katie Aune, a Specialist Application Engineer, and Certified Safety Professional in 3M’s Personal Safety Division, discuss eye hazards in the workplace. Eye hazards can be found in nearly every industry from construction, heavy manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas to chemical, pharmaceutical, and utilities. Tune in to learn more about protecting workers' eyesight on the job including common hazards, types and styles of eye and face protection, and selection considerations including fit, comfort, and compatibility.

The Science of Safety Podcast is presented by the 3M Personal Safety Division. This is a podcast that is curious about the science and systems behind workplace health and safety with a focus on personal protective equipment (or PPE) used to help keep workers healthy and safe.

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