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30 Plus Mens Fitness Podcast Episode 43

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In this podcast I talk about the amount of men putting training on the back burner because they have too much going on.

How I get messages from a lot of men saying they need to put training on hold for now and will pick up when things settle down.

I talk about men who have popped up inside my online communities that are sleep deprived, working too hard, burnt out and with no energy to exercise.

Something needs to give.

I've been there before and realised I had the power to change it and did.

You too have the power.

Understand there will never be the perfect time or clear 12 weeks to give it your best shot.

Life will always get in the way.

Thats why health and fitness should be factored into your weekly diary and be made a priority.

I hope this hits home.

Lads you are no used to your boss, business and family if ill, burnt out or even worse, dead.

Said with love.

Health is wealth.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs

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