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40. Richard Sleigh

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Welcome to Tomlin’s Harmonica Podcast. This is the place to be for a variety of harmonica-related content including interviews, lessons and discussions about all aspects of harmonica playing. This podcast is brought to you by the Tomlin Harmonica School where I provide a step-by-step curriculum for Beginners to Advanced Intermediate players as well as personalised feedback and all the resources you need to get better at Blues harmonica. 

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In today’s episode I’m joined by someone who has a truly holistic view of the instrument. He is an extremely well-respected player, teacher and customiser. He has studied the construction of the harmonica in great depth which has led to him discovering some great ways to improve the instrument. He is the awesome Richard Sleigh!

Show notes

- Richard’s Harmonica School - Richard’s Online Store - blog - Current YouTube Channel - First YouTube Channel - Christmas Swing Harmonica Lesson

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