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E26 - Is your Church a "Safe Place" for people who are hurt? And how you can help us in our 2023 goal to make more Churches "Safe"

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

We've set an UNACHEIVABLE goal for 2023. With your help we can achieve a small part of that goal.

We have found a Church that is a "Safe Place" for people who are hurt as they move along their healing journey. In 2023 we want to put a "Book in Every Church" as a may to educate Church leadership on the need for their Church to be a "Safe Place" as well.

We need your help, and its a simple as sending us a Facebook Message, and email, or filling out a form on the website.

The website is and our email is [email protected]

Listen to todays episode to hear how our healing has sped up in the last 6 months, how that ties into our goal for 2023, and how you can help us achieve that goal for your Church.

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