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The Ultimate Road Trip with Ben Robinson

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Chef Ben Robinson from the superyacht reality TV series 'Below Deck' joins me this week on the podcast!  Ben's experience in Michelin starred kitchens and on yachts, along with his British sense of humour and outlook on life obviously ticked all the producer's boxes, as he appeared in the first series of the show back in 2013.

Six further Seasons later and after gaining a huge following, he decided to concentrate on his own international catering business, specialising in holistic nutrition. 

As well as the road trip we chatted about getting through the pandemic, his current projects and of course 'Below Deck' -  as you'll hear, the cooking wasn't an issue, but his first time in front of the camera was a different kettle of fish!

1. What's the car - make, model, colour?

2. Why that car?

3. Destination......anywhere.

4. Who's the passenger?

5. Seminal soundtrack.

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