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E4: Bringing Bayard to Life (with George C. Wolfe and Colman Domingo)

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
Tre’vell Anderson speaks with director George C. Wolfe about bringing the world around Bayard to life on screen. They also discuss how the film’s score helped to depict Bayard’s inner monologue. Then we hear from Colman Domingo, who stars as Bayard Rustin in the film, about the sense of responsibility and purpose he felt while inhabiting this role.  The Official Rustin Podcast is a production of Netflix, Pineapple Street Studios and Slayzhon Host: Tre'vell Anderson Producer: Corey Antonio Rose Managing Producer: Erin Kelly Mix engineer: Hannis Brown Fact checking: Dina Kleiner Special thanks to Josh Gwynn Executive Producer, Pineapple Street: Gabrielle Lewis Executive Producer, Slayzhon: Tre'vell Anderson Executive Producer, Netflix: David Markowitz

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