The Humble Yum Yum podcast

Mitch James Shares His Ed Sheeran Life Goals (Episode 8)

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
The Hits presents The Humble Yum Yum, hosted by Ganesh Raj and proudly brought to you by Countdown. The podcast covers all things Food, Family & Fame, which leads us to uncover a lot of never heard before content about our celebrity guests!

This episode features one of New Zealand's most exciting current pop musicians - Mitch James! The young singer has quite the backstory, from getting bullied at school, to living on the streets, to now being an extremely successful performer, Mitch has lived many lives in his 26 years. He talks us through some of these key moments in his life, and reflects how they, along with a somewhat tumultuous childhood, have led to where he is today. His favourite dish right now is chicken katsu curry on rice but he also has a lot of love for donuts, pizza, and hot wings.

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