The Brand Is You podcast

The Brand Is You

Robyn Savage

Hi, friend! Welcome to The Brand is You podcast, where I (a serial brand builder) will guide you to create a brand that feels like the most exciting, effortless & impactful part of your success. In these brief but bold conversations, I’m going to share my best brand advice with you in a very human way that you can grasp, integrate & experience for yourself. I can be a bit of a “football coach” when it comes to sharing my opinion, so get ready to work! My hope is that you walk away from each episode feeling smarter, seen & stoked to build the brand of your dreams - one that has a massive positive impact & helps scale your income, too! Let’s get YOU visible & confident in your messaging, so that the world can benefit from your work. Topics will include (but certainly stray from): Brand Strategy  Copywriting  Apps & Strategies  Sales & Social Media  Brand Identity  Brand Persona Style & Aesthetic. We’ll also talk about being a working mama, intentionality, f*ck ups & how to turn them into lessons, my journey with sober curiosity, creativity, travel, relationships, money, communication, and anything under the sun that somehow feels relevant. Are you ready to learn how The Brand is You? Perfect, let’s rock and roll!

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