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Time Is An Illusion

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts


In which we have an announcement + discussion of the nature of time and perceived reality.

Tune in for...

  • The unveiling of a new name for the podcast! (Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode in this transition.)
  • The 2000 bits of your reality
  • Tomb Raider: The Human Brain Is Your UI
  • Time as a bucket
  • Perception as a loud bar (or a louder concert)
  • I Feel People's Energy as a Static Timeless Phenomenon, And You Can Too!
  • Exploring perception itself as a laboratory
  • If Time is a bucket, does that make Spacetime a bucket margarita?

About Slade Powell...

Since 2009, Slade Powell (he/they) has voraciously pursued the big questions. He supports passionate movers + shakers to level up their enjoyment of life + impact on the world through inner voice work + mastering co-creation with the universe.

No matter what, take care of yourself + keep going.

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What is The Diamond Room?

On The Diamond Room, Slade curates an ongoing exploration of what it means to be human, bringing new perspectives on how we thrive in a world unlike any we've seen before, and what it is that we're really doing here on this big ball of dirt.

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