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Magic & Miracles with Gyan Gurung

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Meet Gyan Gurung, who lives in flow with the universe. Gyan shares his miraculous experiences of flow, divine timing, and synchronicity over a single magical trip to the tiny town of San Pancho, Mexico, and he discusses with Slade how he creates these remarkable experiences every day.

Listen in for...

  • Absolutely incredible coincidences (aka synchronicity at work!)
  • A lot of talk of mushrooms and peyote
  • The most perfect little Mexican town you've never heard of
  • Discussion of how co-creating your alignment with the universe even works
  • The free bananas, massage, photo shoot, and other wild surprises in this romp of universal discovery and joy
  • "When I argue with reality, I lose -- but only 100% of the time." --Byron Katie

"What I was starting to realize is, I'm not the only one receiving here. In my claiming all these gifts, of the life, and the universe and San Pancho, other people get to come along this journey. This magic is not an arrow pointed at me, it's like a wave that is going in all directions." --Gyan Gurung

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Since 2009, Slade Powell (he/they) has voraciously pursued the big questions through personal methods of discovery. They facilitate clients who are ready to level up their impact on the world, through inner voice work + learning to co-create with the universe.



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