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Akashic Records Reading for September

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15 Sekunden vorwärts


We're trying something new! Let me know what you think on instagram: @slade.powell

This episode holds a beautiful channeled message from the Akashic Records for YOU, the listeners of this podcast, for the month of September. If this is something you're into, I'd be happy to do regular channeled readings on the podcast.

Tune in for...

  • CHANNELED SHIT. This is the real deal, my friends, exactly what it sounds like when I work with the Akashic records. Tune in to hear a helpful and inspiring message just for you, for right now.
  • Hope and inspiration for an easier, more synchonicitous future in flow with the universe. (Synchronicitous is a word, you heard it here first.)
  • A chance to stand back and see just how far you've come in your own path and journey through life. It's worth the looking and the wait.
  • I'd love to hear if y'all like this shit. I'm gonna maybe make this a regular thing. :)

About Slade Powell...

Since 2009, Slade Powell (he/they) has voraciously pursued the big questions. He supports passionate movers + shakers to level up their enjoyment of life + impact on the world through inner voice work + mastering co-creation with the universe.

No matter what, take care of yourself + keep going.

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What is The Diamond Room?

On The Diamond Room, Slade curates an ongoing exploration of what it means to be human, bringing new perspectives on how we thrive in a world unlike any we've seen before, and what it is that we're really doing here on this big ball of dirt. Interviewing experts in a variety of fields, from neuroscience to manifestation, nutrition to business.

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