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Andrew Huang - Yours (Jay Kaufman & Owl's No Matter Hoot remix)

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
This is a combined effort in between myself and my new studio partner, Nicholas Vining - who records with me as Owl.

I've spent probably 40 hours on this remix - and I feel it shows. The production is dense and there's lots of layers of various things going on - including edits of the vocals, filtering of the various parts, shaping the original bassline into something new, etc. I have been following Andrew for a while now and upon hearing this, I immediately thought I could ramp up the original for the dancefloor. While the original is a pop song, I think I was able to maintain the concepts of the original whilst injecting some more energy that will keep club dancefloors swaying.

I'm exceptionally proud of this remix. While this is the first collaborative remix I've done as Owl, I had already started it before Nicholas came in to help me with the chorus and when I got stuck. He wrote some beautiful Rhodes chords as well as some ad-lib Rhodes lead and synth lead sounds to set the whole bridge off.

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