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Social Theory Podcast Episode 4: Ferdinand Tönnies feat. Hinnerk Freytag

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this episode I spoke with Hinnerk Freytag who is a PhD student at the European University Flensburg about the sociologist Ferdinand Tönnies.

Tönnies is best known for the concepts Gemeinschaft and Gesselschaft which refer to two different kinds of societies each associated with particular kinds of “social bonds”. Central to Tönnies’ analysis is that modernity and urbanisation has loosened the previously strong, familial and communal ties of communities. Modern society is, instead, more individualised and our relationships with others are more anonymous and contractual. While this analysis is quite well known among sociologists much of the rest of his work is less so. We try to put these insights into context of Tönnies other work around public opinion and custom.

Sadly none of Tönnies work is freely available however this essay is a good introduction. Also, it is usually possible to pick up cheap second hand copies (from sites such as Abe Books) or if you have access to a good university library you should be able to access his key works discussed on this episode such as Community & Society (Gemeinschaft & Gesselschaft) and Custom.

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