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015: Are Adhesions the Root Cause of Your SIBO? With Larry Wurn

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

They are one of the top underlying causes of SIBO, but few people know about them: adhesions! For today’s episode of The SIBO SOS® Podcast, Shivan Sarna is joined by Larry Wurn, creator of the Wurn Technique and Clear Passage Physical Therapy to discuss exactly what adhesions are, why they’re so common, how they cause SIBO - and most importantly, what you can do to clear them and get your SIBO resolved!

BIO Larry Wurn

Larry Wurn and his wife Belinda co-developed the Wurn Technique® and Clear Passage Approach®, a non-surgical treatment for pain, female infertility, bowel obstruction, and sexual dysfunction. He is also a Florida-licensed massage therapist. After watching his wife’s pain from the lesions she developed during cancer treatment, Larry stopped everything to help her find a cure and reduce the severe pain and dysfunction she experienced from surgery and pelvic radiation. He co-authored pioneering studies on the use of the Wurn Technique and Clear Passage Approach to treating chronic pain, endometriosis, women’s sexual health, and infertility. His research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals including the Journal of Endometriosis, Medscape General Medicine, Contemporary Ob/Gyn, Healthcare, Journal of Clinical Medicine, and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

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