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Weekly Notebook Review | Patience, Process & Short $QQQ! | 10.26.2022

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

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Welcome to Hedgeye's newest show!

Each week, Hedgeye’s Robert McGroarty (@HedgeyeRJM on Twitter) hosts #HedgeyeNation to review key data sets, signals and events that jump out of their Notebooks. 

This week, the conversation dove deep into several great subjects including: 

1)     Sticking with the #Process, staying calm & executing at the fringes of the Risk Ranges

2)     Adjusting on the fly as Price, Volume and Volatility impact the #VASP signal

3)     An update on the Muni Bond market as well as a discussion around the longer-term impact of consecutive Quad 4s on the High Yield Credit market

4)     The impact of elevated volatility within the FX & Fixed Income market as well as the inverse correlation of the $SPX + $CRB to the $USD


The #WeeklyNotebookReview is hosted live each Wednesday and open to all interested in learning a better way to invest - the Hedgeye way. 


See you next week!

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