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Frameworks for increased confidence in decision-making | Itamar Gilad (Product Coach, Google, Microsoft)

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

#23: For over two decades Itamar Gilad held senior product management and engineering roles at Google, Microsoft and a number of startups. At Google, Itamar led parts of Gmail and was the head of Gmail’s growth team.

Axel sits down with Itamar to discuss some of the frameworks he's been crafting through his journey and how they can help fellow Product Managers improve their practice.

We specifically dive into how frameworks can help PMs boost their confidence based on evidence and clear communication.

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Show notes and highlights

(01:35) Itamar's background

(03:32) How does the MUST Framework help

(12:42) Biggest traps people fall into when crafting strategy

(18:04) Deferring the point of commitment

(22:52) GIST: a framework to bridge strategy and execution

(35:23) Using frameworks to boost confidence

(44:26) Itamar's Treasure Chest


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