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How to master a language from home with John Fotheringham

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Want to learn a language by yourself, but not sure how? Find out how to learn a language from home with John Fotheringham, who has spent two decades learning what works—and what doesn’t.

John is an author, linguist, teacher, and creator of In 2009, John started The Language Mastery Show podcast, where he has interviewed some of the world’s top language experts. Since then, he has written two books on his “Anywhere Immersion™” approach to achieving language fluency.

In this discussion, you'll find out:

🔝 The top habits of effective independent language learners
🧠 How to optimize your memory to make new vocabulary stick
📚 How to choose resources that fit your interests, goals, and learning style

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00:00 - Intro
02:20 - John’s language journey
06:22 - What are ‘Anywhere immersion’ techniques?
12:00 - Netflix for language learning (+ how to make it more useful)
19:45 - How can we better use language apps?
22:45 - Why create your own flashcards?
27:34 - Learning vocabulary in context with cloze deletion
30:17 - Improving speaking skills from home
39:11 - The habits and methods of top language learners
45:40 - Video games to learn a language
47:20 - Common mistakes and staying motivated
57:00 - John's weekly language learning routine
1:01:00 - Final words of wisdom

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