SOMAYA REECE: When You've Lived Your Life In Survival Mode - MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA EP. 7

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
We all know her as one of the original cast members of the hit TV show Love and Hip Hop New York, but Marsha and Somaya Reece go WAY back. Remember Myspace? Marsha and Somaya talk about their lives before their huge social media followings and how Somaya found her way as a young Afro-Latina woman entering the hip-hop industry. Somaya takes Marsha through some of her most traumatic life events. From growing up in a gang to losing her son. Somaya gets real about the effects of living in survival mode, and how she learned to cut ties with toxic people and habits in order to find her way out of the hood, and fully step into her purpose. Somaya explains to Marsha where she is today in her healing journey– as an artist, entrepreneur, Afro-Latina, and more. Somaya shares how she’s tapping into her sense of self-love and compassion more each day. Follow Marsha: Instagram: @marshamolinari Tiktok: @marshamolinari Twitter: @MDMOLINARI Follow our guest, Somaya Reece: Instagram: @somayareece Twitter: @Somaya_Reece Listen to MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA Every Wednesday! Follow Vocal Podcast Network: Instagram: @vocalpodcasts Twitter: @VocalPodcasts #VocalPodcasts #VocalPodcastNetwork #Mx3Podcast #MarshaMarshaMarsha #Podcast #NewEpisode #SomayaReece Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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