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The Cinderella Story

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this episode, Dr. Billy Smith and Steven Hayes are joined by Sunny Bates, APHA's Manager of Business Development - Chrome Cash, and cutting star Kenli Marvin. Sunny gives us an inside look at the Chrome Cash program, highlights the huge payouts for Chrome Cash competitors during the NCHA Futurity, and shares new features for the program in 2022. The 2018 NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular Non Pro Champion Kenli Marvin tells us all about her own Cinderella story, her tobiano mare Cinderella Cat. With Cinderella Cat as the launching pad, Kenli has developed her own breeding program centered around that flashy chrome and cow-horse talent, with plans to continue to cash in on APHA's Chrome Cash incentives across the country and at the APHA World Show this summer.

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