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Trust, Behaviour Change, and Positive Psychology with Claus Höfele

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

How do you organize and lead your team as an Engineering Leader? What are the differences between high performing and under-performing teams? The role of strategy and roadmaps when it comes to product management and engineering... How does Growth Mindset look like in practice? How leaders can use Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology to create a better workplace for themselves and their teams?

✨ Our guest Claus Hoefele worked for many years as a software engineer in Japan, Australia, and Germany, as a software engineer and engineering leader. He is currently the Head of Engineering at doctari, where he supports cross-functional teams that match doctors and nurses with the right place to work. Claus has been very interested in Behaviour Change of late, and in particular bringing Tiny Habits to his and his teams' life.

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