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#09 GamePlan CW5: Divide your goals by 30

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
Hi, my name is Tobias. This podcast I will talk about my journey to financial freedom. I plan to hit the goal in 2025. As I invest in P2P lending I started to blog about it in 2019. With this podcast I will offer another source to my blog and the topic of P2P lending. I will talk about my experiences, especially in P2P lending, but also some stuff out of my daily life. So far I am working fulltime with a sidebusiness trying to save and invest as much as possible to get the money working for me.

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  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

    #10 How To Get Wealthy From Nothing in 2021


    In todays episode I would like to talk about how to get wealthy from nothing. At first this looks not reachable. But if you really put in the work and do the right things, everyone of us will be able to make it. Listen to this episode to find about my fundamental Top 5 things to care about which developed my financial journey.
  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast
  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

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  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

    #08 GamePlan CW4: Following the 72 hours rule


    I ha a call yesterday and decided to do something; I was procrastiating about since months, maybe even more: Youtube. I decided to make minimum one short video per week talking about my weekly goals and what influenced me most. I will be uploading the audio here in the podcast as well to take you on my journey.
  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

    #07 How to find smart financial goals


    Everybody knows the SMART-formula. But do you plan you goals smart? This year I used those five aspects again for my smart financial goals and would like to show you, what I ve found how to do it. There is some theoretical stuff and at the end I will give you a short insight what my smart financial goal für 2021 is?
  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

    #06 Bondster - The seconds platform of my P2P High Yield Experiment


    Today I would like to introduce Bondster to you. You guys voted this platform on #1 into my P2P High Yield Experiment and I will show my first impression of it. Click on the play-button and listen!
  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

    #05 Reinvest24 - The first platform of my P2P High Yield Experiment


    Today I want to introduce Reinvest24 to you. This P2P platform has a three years track record and a quite interesting business model. As an investor you will receive a monthly income from renting real estate and once the object is sold you will receive your share of the win - if there is one. Reinvest24 made into my High Yield Experiment and I am quite happy about it. Until now I am not invested here and I love to report my experiences in the near future. I do know Tanel and the team from Reinvest24, where I am very sure my money is in safe hands.
  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

    #04 Let’s have a P2P High Yield Experiment


    I stumbled across a Instagram-Post where an experiment was introduced. This one should bring as much passive as possible with four high yield dividend stocks and one high yield ETF. So, I thought this is a great idea - for P2P lending as well. And I made this experiment fit into P2P lending with P2P platforms. In todays episode I will tell and show you, which platforms were voted from you and with whom I will start the experiment. Listen to the Loan Shark Podcast now for more information
  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

    #03 Passive Income Report June 2020


    June is over and I was able to make my report from June. As Mintos and Robocash paid some overdue payments in May the June looks like a decrease. But it is not in my eyes. Just listen to the podcast or read the blog and you will find out, how I am rating this income report! Have fun!
  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

    #02 Bondora – Easy investing at 6,75 % with an all-in-one solution


    Bondora is an quite experienced P2P lending platform. I stopped my investment there back in the beginning of 2019. For diversification-reasons I will start allover again investing in their product Bondora Go & Grow. In this episode I will talk about my reasons for quitting but also why I am starting again. And of course I will give you some short ideas about the No-Spending-Challenge, which was invented by Bondora itself. I will take this challenge for the next 90 days and I am exvcited how much money I will be able to save during that time.
  • Loan Shark Podcast podcast

    #01 Welcome To My New P2P Lending Podcast


    Hi guys, this is my brandnew podcast. I am blogging since about a year about P2P lending and now I wanted to offer you some more content. I love podcasts and audio books, therefore I decided to upload audios here, which will be sometimes my blogposts and sometimes something different. Just like being part of my "Way on my Highway" :) Today I am introducing myself to you. You will shortly hear some facts about me, how I found out about P2P lending and what my future plans are about. I really hope you like it and I would be happy if I you would follow my podcast. Any questions? Please feel free to ask via DM on Instagram or comment on my blog. Bye bye and take care about the Loan Shark :)

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