In Medias Res with Glanz & Jerončić podcast

18. LIVE EPISODE: Is the Bible Still Relevant?

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this inaugural live recording of the podcast, Ante and Oliver delve into the enduring cultural and spiritual significance of the Bible before a predominantly college-aged audience. Throughout the event, including the additional pre- and post-event debriefs, they highlight the intriguing aspect of the Bible's appeal to a range of secular audiences. They explore possible reasons for this phenomenon and corroborate it with autobiographical anecdotes. The conversation then transitions to viewing the Bible as a cultural artifact, pondering its metaphorical representation as a cathedral, and considering the symbolism inherent in that image. They discuss how the Bible, by depicting the flaws of its figures, stands as a unique document in the annals of human culture. The episode concludes with some thoughts on how the Bible can gain greater personal significance in our lives.

For those interested, check out the video of the live recording, which includes Q&A questions.

In this podcast, we engage in free-ranging conversations on life, faith, philosophy, ethics, relationships, culture, experience, and all matters existential. As the show title points out, we approach these things "in the middle of things" by grabbing hold of them unsystematically and provisionally. Concerning "about us," we are friends and verbal sparring partners who also happen to be colleagues at Andrews University. - Oliver Glanz and Ante Jerončič

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