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Overcoming the Overwhelm with Nutrition with Ali Damron

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Today on Here's The Deal I'm chatting with my good friend, Ali Damron and we are talking about Health. If you don't already know Ali is an acupuncturist that works with women and teens with their hormones. Health can be simple and we don't have to do all of these crazy things. Are you ready for this....the basics aren't mareketable, there isn't money to be made when you're shifting your focus on; eating nutrient dense foods, moving your body, sleep and managing stress. The health and wellness industry can and is sending mixed messages and sadly in this day and age you've got to be a savvy consumer. You've got to sift through the health food products that aren't serving you. We also talk bout intermittent fasting and how Ali says its expensive for your body to go through this. She also talks to us about supplements and how a lot of things can come from actual food sources. This is such a great conversation and I know you're going to leave it feeling empowered.

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