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One Woman's Tale of Burnout with Katy Widrick

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Today on Here's The Deal, I'm talking with Katy Widrick, who is an entrepreneur and founder of Make Media Over, and we are talking about burnout. We discuss what lead her to her burnout and what she's doing a year after the fact. She had to ask herself How do I better manage being #2 and not #1 and setting herself up for different expectations. We discuss what signs she had pre or during her burnout, the biggest one being that she woke up angry and losing her temper. She tells us what led her to realize it was happening and what changes she made. One of the big take aways for her was being able to set and honor boundaries you have in place. So many of us are going through this and maybe by listening to this, you'll be able to help yourself, if you have this feeling that has taken over your persona.

You can find Katy on instagram @kwidrick

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