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How To Get Through the Holidays Without Losing Your Shit

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Let's be honest, when you're an adult, the holidays aren't the same. When we were little our biggest worry was if Santa was going to bring us our most coveted gift, now we're worried about doing all the things for all the people, wrapping up year end projects, buying gifts, traveling and getting out of our routines and trying to keep our health somewhat in check.

In this episode, I'm offering some tips to help you not only make it through the holidays, but actually feel goo doing it. I cover:

1. Focusing on the big picture

2. Prioritizing your time and your desires

3. Maintaining

4. Setting upper and lower limits for yourself

5. How to navigate fat loss

6. Prioritizing your favorite foods

7. Choosing how you want to feel after it's all over

8. Trusting yourself

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