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Healthy Leadership with Kareen Turner, MPH, RD

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Today on Here's The Deal I'm talking with Kareen Turner, who is a leadership and operations expert, Registered Dietitian and has her MPH. She helps leaders build influence in order to eliminate overwhelm. We are talking about the power of healthy leadership and with that we also have to talk about the toxic traits. We also discuss clarity, because 'common sense isn't common practice' and compassion of compatibility. As a leader you have to show up everyday and bring your 'A game', whether you're feeling it or not. As females we don't have to put on masculine energy, we can show up by having a conversation that is kind! Clearly we go into detail with all of these topics and you're going to have to give a listen to find out.

You can find Kareen on instagram @kareenvturner

Her podcast is called Leadership Untitled and you can find wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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