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Morse Code Ninja

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Kurt Zoglmann, AD0WE, created Morse Code Ninja, a very comprehensive Morse code/CW training program using learning theory and techniques not used in other programs until now. There are more than 979 Youtube videos and over 2000 hours of Morse code teaching content available in Kurt’s course.

There is something for everyone in this course. If you are brand new to learning the code this is an excellent place to start. The course will take you from 0 to 15 words-per-minute at your own pace. If you already know the code and are proficient at some level, this is a great program to develop your Morse code/CW skills even further. It will help you increase your speed, get better at head copying, or improve your rag chewing abilities. You could even use it to supplement another program you may be participating in.

Morse Code Ninja is free and available to anyone with an interest in Morse code and CW.

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