Seriously in Business: Brand + Design, Marketing and Business podcast

Seriously in Business: Brand + Design, Marketing and Business

White Deer, Jacqui Naunton

(Previously: "Design Hacks for DIYers") The podcast for all things branding, design, marketing and business strategy for your small biz. Hosted by Jacqui Naunton, pro graphic designer and coach at White Deer Graphic Design. This is the podcast for small biz owners (aka, entrepreneurs) who love to have fun AND take their biz seriously. We'll be diving into DIY graphic design and the crucial role it plays in building a successful business... a business that is not only your passion but is taken seriously by the world. You'll also get to learn key branding insights from yours truly, as well as glean marketing, strategy and business advice from epic industry experts. I’ve supported HUNDREDS, if not thousands of women over the last 10 years to transform their brand & design, and in doing so helping them to build successful and sustainable businesses while living the life they love. And in this podcast, I get to do the same for you. Join us every week for a new episode ready to fuel you with inspiration, equip you to thrive, and get you looking "seriously in business".

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