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Episode 3. (A LITTLE HELP)

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Tossed out of TeamWork for obvious reasons, Kassidy and Daniel hit the streets with Marcus to find a new space to house Deadbeats Inc. Margie heads up the new case with a "little" client of her own. Tori gets a heritage lesson on the melting pot that is NYC, and Leon, well... He's somewhere in here...

Be sure to check out Episodes 1 & 2 so you know what's uppppp!


CHERAY O'NEAL as Kassidy Jones Kaitlyn Kaylee Brown as Tori Gaines

Barika Phillips- Bell as Natasha reynolds Thomas Bell as Craig Lewis Ethan Forbes as Nathan Lewis

Coryandre Wright as Daniel Sonja Inge as Margie Massiel Hernandez as Tina

STU JAMES as Marcus ADRIENE BRATHWAITE as Belinda PERRY D'MARCO as Dean Ruiz and Ernesto BROOKLYN JONES as School Safety Lacey CEPHUS (CJ) JOHNSON as Taj RAY YAMAMOTO as Carols VICTORIA KELEMEN - as Kelly

Lydia Hooker - as receptionist Susan Touchbourne as Geraldine Troy Armando Barboza as Occulus Security Zaria Robinson as Student 1 Grace Harris as Student 2 David Simmons Jr as Uber Driver and Corenzo Brown as Releasing Officer


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