Breaking Theology podcast

Breaking Theology

Cullen Chrestman

Theology should not be complicated. Everyone does theology on some level, and our theology breaks out of us and is observable in our lifestyle. Theology is also something done in discussion with the Word of God, and at times that Word will break our personal theologies. This podcast is a biblical audio commentary focused on walking through books of the Bible discussing them chapter by chapter in an effort to reflect and let God speak to us.

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  • Breaking Theology podcast

    1 Timothy 3


    Who should be a minister? Everyone? 
  • Breaking Theology podcast

    1 Timothy 2


    Unity, objectifying leaders, serving all humans, and women being quiet. Paul gives a good list of practical instructions to Timothy in chapter 2, and this episode will unpack those items in order to better understand for today. 
  • Breaking Theology podcast

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  • Breaking Theology podcast

    1 Timothy 1


    Some intro stuff, and then into the chapter! The first chapter of Timothy sets up the nature of the letter. Paul is giving instruction to a minister to instruct other ministers. Paul first puts things into perspective with his own testimony as a way to discuss the importance of a teacher having the correct focus. 
  • Breaking Theology podcast

    Timothy Intro


    This episode covers some basic ideas of the two letters from Paul to Timothy. This season we will focus on the personal nature of the letters to a young man growing as a minister, and how the principles apply to Christians conducting themselves as witnesses in the world today. 
  • Breaking Theology podcast

    James 5


    This is the final episode on James. The message of James has unifying themes that apply to the church today if we see his entire message and not just small pieces. 
  • Breaking Theology podcast

    James 4


    This chapter (and 5:1-6) covers the apex of James. All the pieces come together and give us practical ways of thinking and keys to evaluate our hearts and motives. What do you ask God for? Are you a friend of the world? Submit, Resist, Draw Near, Cleanse and Purify. Live out your faith today, because tomorrow is not ours. 
  • Breaking Theology podcast

    James 3


    The tongue. The small member of the body that could be the eye to the heart. What you say is connected to what you do, and what you do demonstrates what you believe. The only way we can be true witnesses of God is if we rely on his wisdom to guide us. 
  • Breaking Theology podcast

    James 2


    What we do and say indicates who we serve. Faith is visible and lifelong. The examples James gives of the Law and the Old Testament characters are powerful and pointed. As a new movement, James is writing to the Christian community to live a consistent and submitted life. If you want to know more, leave some comments on social media! 
  • Breaking Theology podcast

    James 1


    This episode covers James chapter 1 with a few preliminary points about the book. Discussing how trials and persecution refine us as we wait for Jesus. Choose God's will and do it or you'll fall to your own desires as just a hearer. If you want to know more something I talked about, or have a question I didn't cover, let me know and I can make an additional episode for any chapter. 
  • Breaking Theology podcast

    Breaking Theology: The Intro


    Just what you should know about the podcast. Next episode will begin with chapter one of James so start reading!

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