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$12K To $7,515,337 Trading Profits | Tim Sykes Thanks Short Sellers For Their Sacrifice

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Penny stock millionaire trader, Tim Sykes, ( @TimothySykesTrader), joins the fellas at the After Hours Podcast to talk about his journey to being the well-known penny stock guru he is today, share how he came up with the idea to start teaching penny stocks, share his early strategies during the .com bubble, discuss what life is like now that he is doing more charity work, talk his perspective shift when he visited Bali, discuss his new documentary coming soon for KarmaGawa, share advice to new day traders, tell his experience during a private jet flight with a bunch of crypto HODL'rs & more. Thanks, Tim for coming on to share your valuable insight! Let's do it again, very soon!

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