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039 - The Muslim Streaming Platform That Will Change Everything (Mir Ali & Sohaib Ali)

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

This week's guest are our sponsors - USHUB! USHUB is an exciting new streaming service featuring Muslim made films, shows, documentaries and more. The platform is opening opportunities for Muslims from every corner of the globe; providing them with a home for their work to be seen.

We'll be chatting with co-founders Mir Ali and Sohaib Ali on the platform due to launch this fall, the hard work going into it, and the incredible content they'll be putting forward, as well as why it's time to not just empower Muslim filmmakers but empower balanced, 'halal' narratives that both the practicing and non practicing can enjoy.

USHUB will be available to download on all iOS and android devices including Roku and Amazon Fire TV. USHUB will be launching in Fall 2021. Please check out ushubtv.com for more information.


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