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From the Ashes? Noboa's Plan Phoenix and Ecuador's Evolving Security Situation

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
Last month, Ecuador was rocked by a series of attacks carried out by members of criminal gangs. Over the course of two days of grueling violence, inmates rioted and took over prisons, gangs detonated car bombs across the country, and armed gunmen even stormed a live television broadcast in the violence-wracked city of Guayaquil. Then a few days later, the prosecutor investigating the attack on the TV station was gunned-down in cold blood. In response, newly-elected President Daniel Noboa has mobilized the armed forces and declared a state of “internal armed conflict” along with designating some 22 criminal groups as terrorist organizations. In this episode, Sebastián Hurtado, President and Founder of the Quito-based political risk consultancy Prófitas returns to 35 West to sit down with Christopher Hernandez-Roy. Together, they analyze the causes and consequences of spiking violence in Ecuador, the pressures Noboa faces to deliver quick results, and the challenges facing the Ecuadorian government's attempts to regain control over prisons and tamp down on ascendant criminal groups.

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