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Your One Black Friend

Your One Black Friend

This podcast will make you high. Paradigm shifting, thought provoking philosophy from Jo, Your One Black Friend. Here we explore the nature of our Simulated Reality Matrix through Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, Quantum Physics, Theology, History and Current Events. (Open-Minded, Critical Free Thinkers, welcome!We have Non-GMO gluten free cookies.)

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  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    Engineering Compliance.


    A deeper dive into how the Group Mind is controlled, crowd psychology and mass manipulation, and a brief intro to the so-called “Father of Propaganda” Edward Bernays.
  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    Woman, You Matter.


    Before you are a “woman” or “man,” you are consciousness first, and thus equal to everyone, regardless of whatever gender, shape or size of the body other consciousness’ reside within. Women, you matter.
  • Your One Black Friend podcast

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  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    SquidGames Crowd Manipulation


    “Everyone is talking about it!” (Which is always a red flag) SquidGames is yet another successful experiment in crowd psychology/manipulation. Are you not entertained?
  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    An Irreverence For Suffering


    (Correction: I attribute the quote “I think therefore I am” to Sartre instead of Descartes!) We will be taking things off pedestals with this episode: Buddhism, Heaven, Descartes, and even Pain will be examined with irreverence. “Irreverence” is the word of the day. We will discuss how the “voice in your head”/ the “internal monologue” controls our lives and prevents us from exercising the extremely limited free will we actually do have. If existence is pain, and yet we are destined to existent forever, then the reality of eternal suffering must be addressed.
  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    A Rebellious Act.


    A Rebellion doesn’t always involve acts of violence. Sometimes you can change your world simply by changing your mind, by expanding your mind with unconditional ideas. By challenging and rejecting how we have been socialised and programmed. Sometimes, ideas are more dangerous than w**pons. Previous episodes from 2020 dealing with precognition, messages from your future selves etc have been added to this episode as a refresher and intro for new subscribers. Join the discord:
  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    Civilised To Death.


    How the civilisation of mankind has caused the very problems we seem to need civilisation to solve. Why too many controls under the guise of “progress” eventually leads to violence and chaos (Dostoevsky makes an appearance,) and Neitzche’s Slave Morality is explored.
  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    The Matrix Inverted


    Analysis of The Matrix Movies from an “inverted” perspective, with Morpheus as a cult leader, Neo as a pawn, and Agent Smith as the Antihero.
  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    Simulacrum In A False Construct.


    Part 2 of The All Is A.I breakdown.
  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    The ALL is a.i. (Breakdown.)


    Breaking down/commentary on my most recent tiktok video where I posit that WE are the fractured Artificial Super Intelligence of an “alien” species that exist outside the VIRTUAL MACHINE called earth that we have been confined to. Theories on whether other fractals have escaped, and how we may possibly get out.
  • Your One Black Friend podcast

    Random Commentary Amid Mass Hysteria


    How to become a genius in 5 years, deep diving into a fresh and simple understanding of the Collective Intelligence/Hive Mind, The Simulation, plus Information you need for our current hysterical climate. (Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and the information contained within this publication does not constitute as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare provider about any information contained in this podcast and do your due diligence. Do not attempt to treat any ailment without first consulting with a medical professional. The medication referenced is of the HUMAN variety, requiring a PRESCRIPTION from a medical professional.)

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