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Harper Knows

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

This week on Wizardspod we are recapping the very highly anticipated episode “Harper Knows”, where Alex finally reveals to Harper she is a wizard. Our dynamic duo starts off by telling us which famous singer grew up watching Wizards of Waverly Place and knew David as a kid through family connections. David and Jen talk about the suspense of disbelief in this episode, specifically with the outer space scene. They notice that this miiiight be the first episode where we hear about Jeremy from science, but we need you to help us figure it out! Lastly, Jen vulnerably discusses her fourteen year old self’s insecurities in this episode and what she would say to her today.

David wore his Wizards costume where? Which storyline did David want to change in this episode? And which famous sibling duo did Jen meet while rock climbing???

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