Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

Unbreakable with Thom Shea

Thom Shea, Navy SEAL

Thom Shea interviews men and women who make a difference by not following trends and being extra ordinary. Join his podcasts and his training at Unbreakableleadership.com.

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  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    229. Transformation and Kristin Rowell and Thom Shea


    https://energeticallyefficient.com/ Founder and CEO of Energetically Efficient™. I am a former business litigator turned Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I help people lose weight and gain muscle and energy so that they are proud of the person they see when the look in the mirror. I speak to and consult for companies and organizations around the country on a variety of nutrition, lifestyle and wellness topics. I also coach a select number of individual clients one-on-one. Due to the demand for my services, and so that I can reach more people, I'm launching my first online course and would love to have you join me!! 
  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    228. Parenting is the key to success


    Parenting during COVID isn't different than any other time.  Except for the part you had to parent because the world wouldn't take up your slack.   What are you waiting from.  Begin parenting now even if you have failed or given up.  Because the Government won't come to save you anymore.  
  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

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  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    227. War and how to lose the end game


    Gail and I discuss how leaders can snatch loss from the mouth of victory.  Winning every battle means nothing if the leader in the final quarter lets the other team have the trophy.
  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    226. Failed leadership and Afghanistan


    Never let the disasters of poor leaders convince you to stop being you.   Sign up for Leading During Chaos Training  
  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    225. Afghanistan reflexions and Why I wrote Three Simple Things: Leading during chaos


    Order your copy and share with your family.   Three Simple Things
  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    224. Spartan Woman: Build the women in your life


    Sign up to Spartan Woman Training Spartan Woman (thespartanwoman.com) What does it mean to be a Spartan Woman™? A spartan woman is the center of her family. She lives by four simple, yet absolutely essential principles, each with their own purpose.    * The first makes her unbreakable under adversity.   * The second shows her how to bend or yield when it serves the good of her family.   * The third allows her to honor her role as the leader in her world.    * The fourth makes her uncompromising when it comes to not accepting destructive behavior from her family, her community, or any outsiders.   Who can be a Spartan Woman? Any woman who wants to live in integrity with strength, compassion, honor, and strategic decision making can, with training and a strong community, be a Spartan Woman. 
  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    223. DELTA Force Tom Satterly and wife Jen talk about memorial day


    ALL SECURE FOUNDATION ASSISTS SPECIAL OPERATION ACTIVE DUTY AND COMBAT VETERANS, AND THEIR FAMILIES, HEAL FROM THE INVISIBLE WOUNDS OF WAR.   BEYOND THE BATTLEFIELD:  ALL SECURE FOUNDATION (ASF), Co-Founded by Tom and Jen Satterly, provides Workshop Retreats for Special Operations combat warriors and their significant others heal from the effects of combat with guided sessions, activities, and information with Tom and Jen Satterly, and trauma therapist Stacey Stone.   In addition to Warrior Couple Workshop Retreats, All Secure Foundation provides resources for SOF couples and their families healing from PTS and TBI.
  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    222. Navy SEAL's view on Quitting


    Quitting is the most inefficient way to live, to learn, and to grow.  Why is quitting the one skill that is being endorsed every where, all the time.   We quit too early.  We quit and get a band or supporters.  We watch people on TV or social media quit and we feel sorry for them and make them our heros.   Moms quit, dads quit, kids quit.  No wonder kids quit. As we look at quitting we thank our sponsors Athletic Greens for not quitting.  Buy some here and don't quit on yourself.  Athletic Greens
  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    221. Complaining or commitment


    Uncommitted conversation is complaining.  Complaining causes the thing you are complaining about to happen again and again.  Commitment is taking action no matter what.  Committed minds cannot complain. Which side are you on?   Stop complaining and buy Athletic Greens Buy Athletic Greens
  • Unbreakable with Thom Shea podcast

    220. Athletic Greens and Leadership Choices 101


    The ability to make good choices starts with the first 7 days of overcoming you.  You!  that lazy, righteous person who is always judging and never doing or evolving.  you miss everything because you cannot integrate anything into your life for 7 days. Buy Athletic Greens

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