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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Our vocal system is incredibly complex. What we call “the voice” starts with very precise movements of our vocal cords, and then goes through an entire “resonation system” that includes our throat, mouth, lips, tongue, and teeth. With enough control over these components, people can do some truly mind-bending things with their voices, creating sounds that feel out of this world—from rumbling lows to piercing highs, and even two notes sung at once. This episode features vocal coach Matt Ramsey and Tuvan musician and throat singer Albert Kuvezin. Check out our new store at Watch our video shorts on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. Follow us on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Sign up for Twenty Thousand Hertz+ to get our entire catalog ad-free. If you know what this week's mystery sound is, tell us at Subscribe to Matt’s Youtube channel, Ramsey Voice Studio. Explore Albert Kuvezin’s music with Yat-Kha on Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube. Visit to get 15% off your entire order. Go to to start hiring today. Find the right doctor, right now with at Get your very own Clarett+ 2Pre at Get a your first month of lossless music streaming free at Episode transcript, music, and credits can be found here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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