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Think About Eurovision

Think About Eurovision is a podcast spanning the Atlantic ocean, where 2 Brits and 1 Canadian will discuss our favourite pan-European (and Australian) competition of popular song!

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    The DNQ Files - Bonus Episode 19 - Pugna - Surma - Portugal 2019


    In Chrissy's first ever DNQ Files, Chrissy dips her toes into the pool of songs that didn't quite get to the Eurovision Song Contest, where we listen to Surma's entry into the 2019 Festival Da Canção, Pugna, Kris continues to profess his love for Estonian psychodelic punk, we discuss art and how it's wasted on Kris, and Chrissy has the best possible reaction for an audio format. When Kris & Kim listened to Winny Puuh - Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti  Conan Osiris - Telemovies  Mouse Fart on a Snare Drum Voice was perfected by Ellie Goulding in the John Lewis 2010 Christmas Advert  Dark Ambient Meditation Music  Ukulele Lessons on Youtube with Phil Doleman  Suzi Quatro - Devil Gate Drive  Take The Money And Run  The K Foundation Burn A Million Quid  Björk - Big Time Sensuality  Frou Frou - Let Go  Imogen Heap: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert  That time we watched some kids sing and dance dressed as bees for The DNQ Files - Bzikebi - Bzzz  Next time, we travel t'north of the UK for the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest in Harrogate, ey up, etc.
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    The One With The Suntan From A Ski Holiday In Austria (2000)


    In this week's episode Matti gives a song a one word review, Kris shares how he feels about U2 and Chrissy tells us how she really felt about [REDACTED] as we cast our gaze over the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest!! Jemini - Cry Baby (MATTI - DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK) James Blunt - Love Under Pressure Jethro Tull - The Witches Promise  The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday  Beck - Wow Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday  The Smashing Pumpkins - Today Brain Storm/Green Needle Laurel or Yanny  The Dress XTM Presents Annina - Fly On The Wings Of Love Deborah Cox - Who Do U Love Iggy Pop - Lust For Life Katrina and the Waves - Walking On Sunshine The Supremes - You Can't Hurry Love Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply Dunagrees from Run & Fly are excellent Aqua - Doctor Jones Vengaboys - Shalala lala Why Do Israel & Syria Hate Each Other? Hatari unfurling Palestinian banners The Corrs - Runaway U2 - With Or Without You The Edge Falling Off The Edge The Shin & Mariko - Three Minutes To Earth Ali G & Shaggy - Me Julie Max Headroom It's A Perfectly Cromulent Word Ivan Dobsky, the meat safe murderer only he never done it  Lori Watt - Chill In My Vein (PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS!!) The Enschede Fireworks Incident Next time, Eurovision 1982
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    The DNQ Files - Bonus Episode 18 - Freaks - Jordan Clarke & MAID - United Kingdom 2019


    In this issue of the DNQ Files, Matti lists as many European countries as he can think of, Kris forces his co-host to listen to the same song twice, and Matti makes an observation that becomes weirdly prescient, as we "enjoy" the surprisingly baroque tinged Freaks by both Jordan Clarke and MAID in the 2019 BBC Eurovision: You Decide National Final Jordan Clarke version MAID version The Porno Song - No, I've not put a link here deliberately. You can find it yourself. I'm not sending views their way Pachaelbel's Canon in D  My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade  Michael Rice - Bigger Than Us  Sugababes - Freak Like Me  Adina Howard - Freak Like Me  Jendrik - I Don't Feel Hate  Hurricane - Loco Loco (2021)  Hurricane - Hasta La Vista (2020)  OG3NE - Lights and Shadows (The Netherlands 2017)  Dima Bilan - Believe (Russia 2008)  Marija Šerifović - Molitva (Serbia 2007)  Holly Tandy - Bigger Than Us  Next time we'll be darting off to Sweden for Eurovision 2000, so make sure you turn off all electrical devices before midnight, else the planes will drop out of the sky and your toasters will plot world domination... or something like that!
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    The One With The Allure Of Allora (1991)


    Ciao e Benvenuto! Think About Eurovision is back for it's third series just in time to coincide with the New Eurovision Year, and this time we're donning our shell suits, back combing our mullets and downloading Duolingo to cram as much Italian as possible, as we cast our gaze over the absolute shambles of the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest... allora... with the new team of Chrissy and Matti who join Kris to discuss Greek-Cypriot international relations being pushed to breaking point, quick change artists making culturally questionable choices and questo pezzo è solo in italiano ed è davvero strano che tu lo abbia copiato e incollato per controllare su Google Translate!! Toto being an awful Eurovision host  Sanremo - The festival that inspired Eurovision  Why Italians Don't Drink a Cappuccino After 11am  The Rasmus & Apocalyptica - Venomous Moon  (Yes, The Rasmus are still A Thing, and, yes, he still has feathers in his hair) Eurovision got rid of the orchestra from 1999 onwards  Once again, I'm just a boy, in the show notes, linking Love, Love, Peace, Peace  Conchita - Rise Like A Phoenix  Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois  Ronan Keating & Carola - No Matter What I thought I'd invented American Psycho The Musical in my head, but nope, somebody else beat m to it  Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma at the 1990 Milan Fifa World Cup Concert  Bobbysocks - Let Det Swinge (Norway, Eurovision 1985)  Maria Mena - Where Were You, with the lyrics "I got used to the treadmill love, where no matter how fast you run, you're stuck at the starting point, only exhausted" Katie Price - Not Just Anybody  Think About Eurovision discussing Katie Price's Not Just Anybody  Gosh darn, Kris hates slacktivism  Arturo Brachetti - 1991 Interval Act  **CORRECTION** Arturo isn't necessarily the fastest quick change artist, but Guinness World Records recognise him as the World's Most Prolific Quick Costume Change Artist  Lea Kyle is probably the world's best quick change artist, see her performing on Penn & Teller - Fool Us 
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    Getting To Know You(rovision) with Matti


    Yes! We're back with another Getting To Know You(rovision) with the second new member of the team, Matti. We discuss his introduction to the contest, musical theatres and iffy borders! Loreen - Euphoria (little known song, you may not have heard of it)  Abba - Waterloo  Celine Dion - Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi  Netta - Toy  Eleni Foureira - Fuego  Eurovision - The Story Of Fire Saga  Eurovision - Song-Along (one of the most joyous moments of 2021)  Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé (genuinely an underrated song)  James Newman - Embers  Vasil - Here I Stand (2021)  Vasil - You (2020)  The 10 Worst Jukebox Musicals of All Time  Ramsmussen - Higher Ground  Koit Toome and Laura - Verona  Courtney Love - Fight For Love (studio version)  Nil Point UK - The Porno Song... yes, they want to represent the UK in *checks notes* the "European Pop Competition"  The EBU's Indefinite Suspension of Belarus  Love Shine A Light - Katrina and The Waves  Tornike Kipiani - You (2021)  Tornike Kipiani - Take Me As I Am (2020)  Montaigne - Technicolour in Sydney versus Live On Tape Samanta Tina - The Moon Is Rising  The Curse of Green  Benny Christo - Omaga  Lesley Roy - Maps  Blind Channel - Dark Side  Korn - Freak On A Leash  Pillar - Whatever It Takes  P.O.D. - Alive  We'll be back soon to discuss Eurovision 1991 
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    Getting To Know You(rovision) with Chrissy


    As you may have heard in a recent upload to the feed, Kim and Kris were on the lookout for a third member of the Think About Eurovision team, and we were very lucky to have not just one, but two new members of the team! In this first Getting To Know You(rovision), you'll hear excerpts of a chat Kris had with Chrissy! Eimear Quinn - The Voice  Gina G - Ooh Ahh, Just A Little Bit  Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String  Guildo Horn - Guildo Hat Euch Lieb  Bob Martin - Wohin, Kleines Pony?  Bad Lip Reading High School Musical - Daryl The Pony Of Love  Eythor Ingi - Ég Á Líf  The Changing Room - Roev Sos Roev - Cornish Folk (the sort of artist Kris would send to represent the UK at Eurovision when they put him in charge)  Iceland's Party Food range  Bad Manners (Buster Bloodvessel) - Special Brew  Sweet Transvestite - Rocky Horror Show (featuring David Badella, the best Frankie since Tim Curry) 
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    The One With Flo Rida (2021)


    In the last episode of this series we discuss the Grand Final of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest! Kris calls for the UK to send Iron Maiden, Kris and Kim discuss how professional (yet dare we say, slightly unmemorable?) the Dutch production, we sadly need to discuss racism in the televoting, and also *that* shocking quadruple nul point moment!! Go_A - ШУМ (Original version of Shum)  Daði og Gagnamagnið - Think About Things  Daði Freyr - Welcome (EP)  See if you can spot Kris in amongst the 1000 people in Daði's choir  Rabbit Season/Duck Season  If The Roop won the mayor of Vilnius was going to throw a massive outdoor discotheque  Flo Rida - Low  Serhat - Say Na Na Na  The American Song Contest  Hooverphonic - Release Me (2020)  Love Shine A Light by the artists of Eurovision 2020 (minus Hooverphonic)  Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes  Sergey Lazarev - You Are The Only One  Valentina - J'imagine (Junior Eurovision 2020)  When Kris Met Jendrik  Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark  Next time, in Series 3: Eurovision 1991  Thank you so much for listening to the podcast over the last two series', see you in a couple of months, and make sure to follow us on Twitter @ThinkAboutEuro and please rate and review the Podcacast if you use iTunes!!
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    The DNQ Files - Bonus Episode 17 - Second Semi Final 2021


    In this week's 2nd Semi Final DNQ episode, Kris and Kim take a look at the songs that failed to make it through to this year's grand final! Kim has learned why we love the suspense of it all, Kris is sad his favourite time travellers failed to make it to the final and Kim gets totes emosh about seing the former winners discuss how Eurovision has impacted their lives! And, to quote the Icelanders: þetta reddast!! Ruslana - Wild Dances  Nicole - Ein Bisschen Frieden (1982)  Novympia (Nova & Olympia) talk about their Eurovision 2021 favourites  Benny Cristo - Kemama (2020)  Vincent Bueno - Alive (2020)  Tornike Kipiani - Take Me As I Am (2020)  Disturbed - Down With The Sickness  Disturbed - Sound of Silence  þetta reddast - Icelandic for "It will work out" 
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    The DNQ Files - Bonus Episode 16 - First Semi Final 2021


    In this DNQ File, a very tired Kris speaks to Kim about the First Semi Final of Eurovision 2021, we discuss the differences in viewing experience between the YouTube stream and the BBC Broadcast. Kris tries (and fails) to explain what Line of Duty is, despite having never seen it, Kim has a better viewing experience than the whole of the UK, and Kris gets angry with Cheryl Baker... quite frankly, deservedly! A Beginners Guide To Line Of Duty  Previous Winners Talk About Their Win (may be geoblocked)  Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up  The previous highest note in Eurovision was a Bb5 (did Eden hit the Speorg note?) Ana Soklič - Voda (2020)  Montaigne - Stadium Performance of Technicolour   ROXEN - Alcohol You (2020)  Tweet about the reported comments by the Romanian HoD on ROXEN  Lesley Roy - Story Of My Life (2020) 
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    The One With The Face Crack Of The Century (2019)


    In this episode Kris and Kim get Nadav Guedj to show us Tel Aviv (before we leave) when we watch the 2019 Grand Final in Israel, Kim gets freaked out by Hatari, Kris starts babbling about Quantum Physics, and we discuss *that* Madonna performance.  Augmented reality to play a role at Eurovision 2021  Kris' old ska punk band performing The Time Warp (to an audience, this time)  Nadav Guedj - Golden Boy  NikkieTutorials  Michael Rice - Proud Mary on All Together Now  Klemens from Hatari singing Arcade  Children interrupt BBC News Interview on North Korean politics  Eleni Foureira - Fuego  Even Justin Bieber called out his audience for clapping off beat  An article on Bilal Hassani's dancers  Tom Leeb - Best In Me Traditional Sami Yoiking  Raylee - Hero  KEiiNO - Monument  KEiiNO camera failure  Katie Miller-Heidke - Zero Gravity at Eurovision: Australia Decides  The Double Slit Experiment  Schrödinger's Cat Madonna singing about fried fish... really  Madonna being dragged down the steps because of her cape  Everyone's A Fruit & Nut Case - Cadbury's advert  Lake Malawi Tweets

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