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#222 - The power of Progesterone with Kitty Martone

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Did you know progesterone isn’t just about supporting pregnancy? It’s so much more than that!

In our latest podcast episode, we’ve got another Kitty on the podcast. Kitty Martone talks everything progesterone - clarifying the importance of this hormone and the power it has beyond pregnancy. I truly believe every woman should know these facts about progesterone and their cycle. This isn’t one you want to miss!

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Progest E


Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield

Kitty Martone @healthygutgirl_


01:16 - Kitty Martone's background

04:14 - How natural progesterone can help women with perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms

05:50 - What is the role of Estrogen and Progesterone in the body

07:51 - What happens to your body when go on restrictive diets for a long period of time

14:04 - Re-evaluating your relationship with food

14:24 - Why you need to start counting your macros

16:43 - One of the big things Kitty learned from Dr. Ray Peat's work about the role of Estrogen

19:18 - How do you become deficient in Progesterone

21:10 - High level of stress and how that affects progesterone levels

21:58 - Estrogen dominance: What it really means

24:09 - Hormone rehab

25:42 - Doing the basics and why its important when it comes to supporting progesterone production

27:16 - The things that affect your cycle

29:15 - Why it's crucial to manage stress

32:22 - How EFT tapping helped me

36:04 - Unspoken problem of xenoestrogens

37:34 - Toxic chemicals from skin care, perfumes, and make up products

44:02- Giving up supplements

45:36 - Coffee enema's and their benefits

46:53 - Different ways of taking Progesterone

50:01 - How often should you take it?

54:07 - How progesterone can help with sleep issues

56:24 - Calm cream and where should you rub it on your body

01:00:17 - Can you overdose Progesterone?

01:02:10 - Progesterone as a lubricant

01:05:50 - Progesterone as a fountain of youth

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