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#221 - Losing 40lbs and fixing her digestive issues with Madisen Smith

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

If you’ve experienced persistent digestive issues, you can likely relate to Madison. In our latest podcast episode, Madison, who is 30 years old, single, and has no kids, describes her journey of overcoming gut problems.

From the vegan diet to the carnivore diet, Madison had been cycling through restrictive diets for years, trying to find the diet that solved her gut issues. From 2020 to 2022, due to stress and more, Madison gained 50 lbs and knew she needed more help.

After being in our program for a year, Madison has seen incredible changes, specifically in her body composition (even losing 40 lbs!). She says she’s more confident and worries less about food than before, now knowing she has a plan and food ready to eat.

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Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield

Craig McDonald @iamcraigmcdonald


01:04 - Madison's background

02:12 - Her health and diet history (food restrictions, weight gain, gut and digestive issues)

06:52 - What made her join the program

08:25 - How stress affects your digestion

09:59 - How long she's been in the program

10:19 - What are the results she's seen

12:12 - Feeling in control again

13:36 - The importance of tracking and food prepping

15:49 - Listening to your body and making sure you're eating enough

17:26 - Her body compositions changes over the last 12 months

18:06 - How many calories she's currently eating per day

18:31 - What she enjoyed most about the program

19:58 - What she found the most challenging

21:17 - Why progress isn't linear

25:06 - Her advice to women who are sitting on the fence about joining the program

26:15 - How the coaching and support helped her achieve her results

26:29 - Her advice to other women who are in the same journey

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