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#218 - The importance of detoxification with Dr Alex Orton

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Our podcast guests always have the best way of clarifying common myths and misconceptions! And @dr.alexorton is no exception.

We chatted about what detoxification actually means (Hint: It’s not drinking juice all day or doing crazy sh*t like taking herbal laxatives). Surprisingly (or potentially unsurprisingly), giving your body enough energy is essential for detoxification! Dr Alex Orton and I discuss all of this and more in our latest episode.

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Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield

Dr. Alex Orton @dr.alexorton


01:27 - Dr. Alex Orton's background

02:45 - What detoxification means and why is it important

03:31 - Channels of detoxification

03:50 - Toxins

05:28 - What the liver does and how toxins are excreted from the body

07:50 - The importance of taking a poop everyday

09:00 - Health benefits of working on improving your digestive capacity 

09:45 - Why you need good metabolic function and enough energy so your digestive system works

12:04 - Different ways that you can support detoxification

17:38 - What happens when you keep suppressing the natural capacity of getting rid of toxins, such as having fever

20:19 - What is a coffee enema, how it works, and how often should you take it

24:35 - Gerson therapy and coffee enema on cancer patients

26:40 - Castor oil packs, where you can get it, how it works, and how often should you do them

27:40 - Pros and cons of using saunas and cold therapy

30:00 - Cold and warming phase

30:50 - Heavy metal detoxification

31:32 - How long and how often should you use saunas

32:22 - Red light saunas

32:55 - Food and supplementations that can help get the bowel moving

34:10 - Toxins on your skin

36:12 - Our toxin-free Saturee skincare

39:47 - Modified short-term fasting and when it can be beneficial

43:39 - Why progress doesn't have to be perfect

45:15 - Alcohol

47:10 - Integrating mind, body, and soul

48:09 - Why symptoms are so important

50:50 - Healing after being on a restrictive diet for a very long time

52:53 - Building stress resilience

53:09 - Patience while in the process of healing 

56:30 - Why it takes time to see change

57:13 - Acceptance and focusing on the things that you can control

57:50 - The quick-fix culture

59:15 - Consistency

01:00:30 - Building the foundation and why this is key

01:01:15 - The long-game mentality

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