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#216 - How you breathe will affect your physical and mental performance with Patrick McKeown

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Patrick is the author of The Oxygen Advantage. I’ve been reading his book (highly recommend!), and since I’ve found breathwork to really help my anxiety and stress, I thought we could help even more people by having Patrick come on and really foster a better understanding of the breath and breathwork.

A surprising 75% of the anxiety population has breathing pattern disorders. Yet, we can self-regulate our stress and anxiety through our breath. So, if you’re stressed or anxious, this podcast is for you!

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Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield

Patrick Mckeown @oxygenadvantage


01:11 - Patrick’s background

02:50 - How he found breathwork and how it helped his asthma sleep issues

03:57 - How breathwork originated and how it can help a lot of health issues

O4:40 - Functional breathing and mindfulness

06:20 - The breathing technique he uses and and how it helps people

07:10 - Nasal vs mouth breathing

08:48 - Breathing pattern disorders

08:30 - Biochemistry and carbon dioxide

09:16 - Air hunger and oversensitivity to carbon dioxide

10:20 - How to self-regulate stress and anxiety through our breath

12:55 - How you breathe during sleep will affect your sleep quality

13:52 - Nitric oxide

14:50 - How breathing affects your psychology

15:44 - Breathing techniques and how to use them

19:17 - Recovery through breathwork

22:41 - Breathing for yoga

24:24 - Irregular breathing and the stress response

28:09 - Activating the relaxation response

28:58 - Exercising with your mouth closed

31:30 - What other programs he offer

32:19 - How women’s breathing is different from men’s

33:34 - What is a BOLT score

34:25 - The effects of mouth breathing in childhood

36:20 - Breathing technique clinical trials

43:27 - Why you need a coach

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