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#215 - How Emily healed her autoimmune condition, acne, anxiety, digestive issues & fatigue with Emily Sims

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

A year ago, Emily was a completely different person.

Suffering from an autoimmune condition, acne, anxiety, digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety, hair falling out, and more, Emily had tried everything. It wasn’t until she started using Saturee supplementation and making nutrition and lifestyle changes that things began to drastically change.

Today, Emily IS an entirely new person. She’s a mum and lives on a farm, but she’s overcome so much. If you struggled with health issues during and after pregnancy, you might be able to relate to her story.

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Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield

Craig McDonald @iamcraigmcdonald


01:24 - Emily's background

03:04 - Her health issues in the past and being diagnosed with Celiac disease

06:04 - The things she tried to improve her health problems

07:00 - How she came across Emma and Kitty

09:00 - Demonizing sugar

10:18 - Loving potatoes

10:51 - Eating uncooked foods and too many green veggies and how this affected her gut

14:12 - Why your symptoms are the result of how you're living and eating

14:30 - How she started supplementing with Saturee's products and the results she has seen

19:46 - The carrot salad

20:29 - Going on a 15-minute walk

24:02 - Being curious without judgement

24:30 - Benefits of food tracking

26:51 - How she started strength training and how she feels about it

30:19 - How strength training is slowly building her resilience and improving her posture

32:35 - Her health and complete transformation

34:15 - Her advice to other women who are in the same journey and struggling

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