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#214 - Changing your mind about stress with Theresa Piela

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Feeling stressed? Have you listened to our latest podcast episode?

Theresa and I chat about how you can change you mind about stress! The truth is that you aren’t restricted to your past frameworks. You CAN overcome them with a few simple changes and reframing techniques.

Untangle your past and current stressors, and finally start making progress toward becoming that women you know you can be! (And here’s a twist: It doesn’t necessarily mean adding more.)

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Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield

Theresa Piela @livingrootswellness

Dr Huberman


01:03 - Theresa's background and what she does

02:15 - Working as an EFT practitioner

03:23 - Brain rewiring

04:30 - How a well-balanced and well fed system is so much more resilient to stress (Vit B3 and Niacinamide)

05:47 - Listening to your body and physical symptoms when you're already pushing to hard (Hyper awareness)

08:05 - Building stress resilience

08:32 - What stops women from making progress

09:08 - The central nervous system and stress (Hyper aroused and depleted state)

10:49 - Knowing where in the spectrum you are

11:34 - Slowing down: the exhale technique (Taking deeper breaths)

12:28 - Window of tolerance

12:53 - Asking yourself what your body really needs right now, what you can control what you can let go of

18:53 - Why we need to focus on recovery

19:14 - Being honest with yourself and knowing what you really want

21:40 - Embodying confidence

23:19 - Balance by tally

24:38 - Learning to say "no"

26:30 - Being in a toxic relationship or a job that you hate and how this affects you

29:23 - Strategies on how you can overcome stress

30:30 - Acknowledging what you feel

35:57 - How do feel you about the "feeling"

37:42 - What is breathwork

38:15 - The two parts of autonomic nervous system (Sympathetic and parasympathetic)

40:13 - How to do breath work

41:38 - Non-sleep deep rest (NSDR)

44:35 - Circadian rhythm and the benefits of getting a dose of sunlight

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