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#204 - How to improve your sleep with Bryan Thomas

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Bryan lives in the states, and I’ve followed him on Instagram for a while; We have similar nutritional approaches. He recently did a great post on sleep and so many women we work with struggle with sleep! Whenever I get stressed or something feels out of alignment with me, sleep is always the first thing for me to go. So, Bryan and I decided to do this podcast to help you sleep better!

In this episode, Bryan and I chat about:

➡️Bryan’s past of doing low-carb

➡️What changed Bryan’s mind on low-carb diets

➡️Common issues with sleep

➡️How the circadian rhythm works

➡️What happens when you don’t get enough sleep

➡️What can help improve sleep

➡️The incredible benefits of daily walks for sleep

➡️Sunlight and sleep

➡️What to avoid before bed

➡️Blue-blocking glasses

➡️How how much you eat impacts your sleep

➡️The bedtime snack

➡️Sleep issues and caloric deficits

➡️How “leaky gut” can lead to poor sleep

➡️Foods that could irritate the gut

➡️What can lower cortisol and adrenaline

➡️How breathwork can improve sleep

➡️Red light therapy for sleep

➡️The importance of a bedtime routine

➡️Magnesium and salt for sleep

➡️How alcohol affects sleep

➡️Having a purpose

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Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield

Bryan Thomas @performanceneuro


01:51 - Bryan's background

03:11 - His diet history and how he came across Dr. Ray Peat's work

07:07 - Falling and staying asleep

09:03 - One of the easiest ways to fall asleep

09:25 - What happens when you don't eat enough

11:55 - How drastically cutting calories affects your stress hormones

13:20 - Things you need to address to help improve your sleep

14:12 - Increase movement/activity

14:52 - The benefits of being outdoors

15:40 - Going on a 10-minute walk

16:20 - Why action leads to motivation

16:50 - How the circadian rhythm works

18:42 - Blue lights and blue-blocking glasses

20:37 - What to avoid before going to bed

22:50 - One of the best things that you can do to improve your liver storage capacity

23:31 - Not getting enough fuel/calories during the day

26:40 - The grandmaster diet

28:02 - Food tracking

28:38 - Binge eating

29:40 - How “leaky gut” can lead to poor sleep

31:43 - Foods that could irritate the gut

35:18 - How increasing salt intake improves sleep

36:20 - Adequate sodium and potassium for sleep

38:53 - How emotional and chronic stress can impact sleep

39:30 - What's in our Join our 7-Day Eat More, Train Less, Get Results Challenge

43:14 - How breathwork can improve sleep

46:20 - Red light therapy for sleep

52:12 - Why bedtime routine is important

55:20 - Journaling

55:55 - Taking magnesium at bedtime and its benefits

01:03:55 - Alcohol consumption and how it affects sleep

01:12:00 - Building good connections, social relationship, and having a purpose

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