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#201 - How to approach your training when injured with Melissa Collins

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

My good friend and one of our amazing coaches, Melissa Collins, is back on the podcast. She’s been on three times now. The last one was about sex, and it’s a really good one to go back and give it a listen (especially if you’re dealing with a low libido).

I wanted to get Mel on to share her journey and struggles she’s had with injuries in the hopes it will help other women too. In this episode, Mel and I chat about:

➡️Mel’s mysterious back injury

➡️Emotional pain and trauma

➡️Working through jealousy and envy

➡️Focusing on your strengths

➡️Listening to your body

➡️Advice Mel has for others with injuries

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Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield

Melissa Collins @coachcollins47


02:24 - Mel’s back injury

04:13 - Dealing with emotional pain and childhood trauma

07:25 - How she worked through jealousy and envy

09:29 - Using that feeling of jealousy as her drive to be better

12:50 - Testimonial from one of the women who just joined our program

13:36 - Consistency

14:28 - Proper nutrition and listening to your body

16:12 - Moving your body

19:18 - Advice she has for others with injuries

21:45 - Feeling empowered and focusing on what you can do

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