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#200 - Are you making these mistakes with your training with Ben Yanes

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

If you like lifting and getting strong, Ben Yanes’ IG page will really resonate with you. Craig and I love the educational content Ben produces. Ben is a personal trainer and educator of exercise mechanics based in New York.

Most women that we work with say they want a toned and athletic body. But where a lot of women go wrong (I did this too back in the day) is that they do a ton of HIIT, running, and boot camps. So, I wanted to get Ben on to talk about what building muscle and “getting toned” actually involves.

In this episode, Ben and I chat about:

➡️Ben’s training and athletic background 

➡️Why HIIT and boot camps aren't the best way to build muscle 

➡️Weight loss myths

➡️What happens when you first start lifting

➡️Forming better habits

➡️Why walking is essential for fitness and weight loss

➡️How muscle regulates insulin and glucose

➡️Frequency and volume of training

➡️Why doing more isn’t always better

➡️Training to failure for building muscle and why it's important

➡️Where to start if you’re new to lifting

➡️Should you swap exercises every four weeks?

➡️Once you reach your body goal how much work does it take to maintain it?

➡️Nutrition for growing muscle

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02:58 - Ben’s training and athletic background

08:19 - Why HIIT and boot camps aren't the best way to build muscle 

11:57 - Why running is a terrible way to lose weight and maintain weight loss

12:35 - Staying away from the weights room and not wanting to look bulky

13:59 - Why the recovery process from training is highly energy intensive

20:14 - Forming better habits

20:38 - Why walking is essential for fitness, weight loss and health

21:39 - Insulin sensitivity

25:36 - More muscle = more food

26:42 - How do you grow muscle

36:02 - Why people stray away from harder sets

39:55 - Shifting your perspective

41:31 - Why training to failure is necessary for building muscle

43:04 - Why using machines is incredibly valuable and joining a gym will make it a lot easier when you start training

55:47 - What's the definition of failure

01:01:58 - CNS fatigue

01:05:47 - Why swapping exercises every 4 weeks might not that be beneficial

01:09:20 - Being excited about developing the skill and progression

01:12:26 - Once you reach your body goal how much work does it take to maintain it?

01:16:39 - The importance of eating enough to grow muscle

01:20:40 - Nailing the basics

01:22:55 - Myths about food tracking

01:25:37 - Eating more and still being able to achieve your body and health goals

01:28:00 - The benefit of tracking your macros

01:32:32 - Activity and walking

01:37:59 - Exercise selection

01:44:50 - Working with a coach

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