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Weekend Wrap May 8 2022: Waleed gets it wrong on Insiders, Tanya nails workplace reforms, Medicare scandal and 2nd debate

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Ben Davison covers why Waleed was wrong to suggest we need more wage cuts to control inflation as Australian workers have already lifted productivity by more than 10% points since 2013 and Treasury tells us that for every 1.5% lift in productivity we can sustain 4% increases in wages WITHOUT impacting inflation.

And wages have been going backwards.  Ben looks at why inflation is happening despite wage cuts and what can be done about it as he reviews Tanya Plibersek's Insider interview promises for workplace reform.

There's been a lot of coverage about discussing the NDIS so Ben looks at what some of the NDIS issues actually are, as opposed to the coverage of the coverage, and suggests we focus on the policies in the folder rather than the folder itself.

Ever hear bulk billing stats and think "but I pay out of pocket all the time?!?" Turns out there is a scandal in Medicare with patients being charged out of pocket but it not being recorded.  The Morrison government claims around Medicare are now in doubt.

The 2nd debate is on TONIGHT and will be covered LIVE on Facebook and YouTube by Van Badham and Francis Leach for Australia Unions. Check them out from 8pm. Join your union at australianunions.org.au/wow 

And it being Mother's Day we wish all mother's a happy day and cover some of the Mother's day election special policy announcements. 

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