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Weekend Wrap 15th May 2022: Albo calls for wage rises on Insiders, Morrison promises to change and delivers more of the same and Dutton’s lies

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Ben Davison looks at Albo's Insider's interview and the key point that Australians with jobs are now having to rely on food banks while Morrison argues for more pay cuts and against a $1 an hour wage increase.

Morrison ended the week promising to change but immediately doubled down on all the same old policy positions. The Liberal campaign launch shows a weakening grip on older voters and Dutton says things that are untrue about China and the USA.

While Ben attended a union organised choral protest against Morrison at a community centre where the staff slipped a subtle protest of their own into Morrison's birthday cake photo op. You can join your union at australianunions.org.au/wow

Today Ben Davison is live at the Queenscliffe Literary Festival where Van Badham will be hosting a panel on the ABC this afternoon.

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